Highlighted Application

Unpublished data from Dr. Corey Acker (1), showing a mouse pyramidal neuron loaded with Di-2-AN(F)EPPTEA, and an optical voltage recording from a single dendritic spine. Loading of neurons through the patch pipette allows optical voltage recordings from spines and axons.

Structure and Spectra of Di-2-AN(F)EPPTEA

Chemical structure of voltage-sensitive dye Di-4-AN(F)EP(F)PTEA from Potentiometric Probes
Spectra in MLVs of voltage-sensitive dye Di-4-AN(F)EP(F)PTEA from Potentiometric Probes

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  • Pre-dried aliquots (solid, solvent removed)
  • Quantity: 100 nmol / tube (62 μg)
  • 2.0-mL free standing polypropylene tubes
    • Sealed cap
    • Individually labeled
    • Bagged with desiccant

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Di-2-AN(F)EPPTEA – 100 nmol Pre-dried Aliquot Pricing
Product Number Order Quantity (tubes) Price / Tube Order Total ($US)
32430 10 $20.00 $200
32430 100 $17.00 $1700
Di-2-AN(F)EPPTEA, Bulk Pricing
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32435 1 $200 $200
32436 5 $160 $800


  1. Acker, C. D., E. Hoyos, and L. M. Loew. 2016. EPSPs Measured in Proximal Dendritic Spines of Cortical Pyramidal Neurons. eNeuro 3(2). Pubmed
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