Structure and Spectra of Di-4-ANEPPS

Structure of Di-4-ANEPPS, Potentiometric Probes
Spectra of Di-4-ANEPPS, Potentiometric Probes
  • Absorbance, emission peaks in multilamellar lipid vesicles (MLVs) shown above: 470 nm, 620 nm.
  • Absorbance, emission peaks in ethanol: 500 nm, 725 nm.
  • Recommended excitation range: 510-530 nm (click here for more on how to choose the wavelength).
  • MW: 480.66 g/mol

Unique Packaging for Convenience and Reliability

  • Pre-dried aliquots (solid, solvent removed)
  • Quantity: 100 nmol / tube (48 μg)
  • 2.0-mL free standing polypropylene tubes
    • Sealed cap
    • Individually labeled
    • Bagged with desiccant
Packaging of Di-4-ANEPPS, Potentiometric Probes

Order information

  • See table for pricing
  • Contact sales@potentiometricprobes.com for a quote
  • Minimum order: 20. Price break: 100 tubes
  • Shipping not included
  • Other quantities and formats available upon request
  • Inquire about “Academic Discount” for academic researchers
Di-4-ANEPPS, 100 nmol Pre-dried Aliquot Pricing
Order Quantity (tubes) Price / Tube Order Total ($US)
20 $5.00 $100
100 $4.50 $450
Di-4-ANEPPS, Bulk Pricing
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1 $80 $80
5 $60 $300


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