Company News

February 2020

Potentiometric Probes signs a distribution agreement with Funakoshi for better serving customers in Japan and other Asian countries.

October 2019

Potentiometric Probes acknowledges the support of the NIH in receiving its second phase I SBIR.

April 2019

Potentiometric Probes and CytoCybernetics partner to supply long wavelength VSDs for cardiac applications

September 2018

Corey Acker PhD, co-founder of Potentiometric Probes, recently discussed voltage-sensitive dye technology and imaging techniques at the first Novel Optics-Based Approaches to Cardiac Electrophysiology (NOtiCE) workshop in Florence, Italy on September 21, 2018.

April 2017

Potentiometric Probes takes over from Loew Lab to supply ThermoFisher with several VSDs.